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Fresh somen noodles with sea bream

Kozasa and special soup made only from wild sea bream from the Seto Inland Sea

Sea bream roasted pork with Setouchi lemon flavor, Shodoshima's Kabuan's chewy fresh somen noodles

This is a three-piece set.

Please enjoy as you like.

Soy milk somen noodles

A special soy milk soup made with bonito and soy milk-based stock and the flavor of sake lees.

   Olive chicken char siu, Nakabuan's chewy fresh somen noodles,

This is a four-piece set including Shodoshima soy sauce and Takahashi Shoten's dashi soy sauce.

Enjoy it as chilled tsukemen, bukkake, or hot somen noodles, whichever you prefer.

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