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Soy milk soup

It is based on bonito stock and soy milk, with added flavor from sake lees from pure rice sake.

It has a mellow, rich and gentle taste .

Olive Chicken

​Roasted pork

Kagawa Prefecture's local chickens, "Sanuki Cochin" and "Seto Akadori", are used to make olive oil, which is then heated and dried.

This is a brand of local chicken that has been raised and fed. It is marinated in our homemade sauce and baked in the oven until juicy.

Nakabuan on Shodoshima Island

Fresh somen noodles

A new texture that goes beyond what you'd expect from somen noodles. Our unique ingenuity gives the noodles a springy texture that you'd want to describe as bouncy and crunchy. They go down smoothly and have a chewy texture when you chew them.

It takes just 90 seconds to boil.

Shodoshima Takahashi Shoten

Dashi soy sauce

We are a soy sauce brewing company with a history of over 160 years since our founding. We add extra seasoning when eating chilled somen noodles or topping them with soy sauce.

When served as a sauce, it gives off a deep flavor.

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(tax included)
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