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Sea bream soup

We use only the head, tail and bones of wild sea bream caught in the Seto Inland Sea. The umami flavor of the sea bream is carefully extracted with kelp stock.

Sea bream roasted pork

Setouchi Lemon Flavor

Sea bream meat is marinated overnight in a seasoning containing lemons from Kagawa and Hiroshima prefectures, then steamed to bring out its flavor.

Sea bream char siu is generally made using farmed sea bream, but wild sea bream can also be used.

Nakabuan on Shodoshima Island

Fresh somen noodles

A new texture that goes beyond what you'd expect from somen noodles. Our unique ingenuity gives the noodles a springy texture that you'd want to describe as bouncy and crunchy. They go down smoothly and have a chewy texture when you chew them.

It takes just 90 seconds to boil.

(tax included)
(tax included)

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